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                            Mark Nunnikhoven is a forensic scientist, speaker, and technology analyst.

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                            I make content that helps everyone understand issues around social media, ad tech, hackers, cybercrime, and how technology impacts our communities.

                            I also take deeper dives for technologists. Looking at how we n build systems that have strong privacy and security protections. This type of content addresses cloud, distributed systems, and a lot more.

                            I publish regularly here as well as on:


                            What AWS re:Inforce 2021 Means for Cloud Security…and Cybersecurity in General

                            The second installment of AWS re:Inforce was entirely virtual and gave a great view of the state of security in the AWS Cloud. Here’s what the event says security practices and how to set yours up for success.


                            Microsoft Edge Experiment 'Super Duper Secure Mode' Aims To Reduce Openings for Hackers

                            The Microsoft Edge browser team is conducting an experiment in an attempt to increase the cybersecurity of the browser and how it handles javascript. At stake? One of the major performance features.


                            US Federal Government Cybersecurity is Lacking

                            A new report from a United States Senate Committee gave 24 US department and agencies an average grade of C- in cybersecurity. That’s not good.


                            Lazio & BlackMatter Bring Ransomware Into the Spotlight…Again

                            The region of Lazio was hit by a ransomware attack and is struggling to recover from this attack on critil infrastructure. BlackMatter, a new ransomware supergroup, just announced they wouldn’t conduct these types of attacks. What does it mean for the future of ransomware?


                            Hackers Attempt To Extort Electronic Arts (EA), Fail, Then Leak Source Code

                            EA got hacked and 780 GB of source code was stolen. The hackers attempted to extort EA and when they didn’t pay, the data was dumped online.


                            Twitter Shows Slow MFA Adoption, Is Security Unusable?

                            Twitter’s latest transparency report shows a low uptake for the multi-factor authentition feature. This is a great security control that’s easy to use. What’s going on?


                            Pegasus Spyware Runs Roughshod over Human Rights

                            The Pegasus Project is a collaborative effort by a number of media and advocy organizations around to the world. With their work, they are shining a light on nation state use a specific malware tool: Pegasus spyware.


                            US Government Puts Cybersecurity Front and Center

                            There are now 5 seniors leaders in the US federal governments with cybersecurity as their primary mandate. Is this going to be a problem?

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